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We, at Tripociti, are focused on providing customers with end-to-end solutions for all of their issues. Despite the fact that we do not encourage the cancellation or modification of the bookings by our customers, we have designed and crafted a liberal cancellation policy for the user, especially because we understand its need and requirement. In this webpage, we have enlisted all the policies related to the booking cancellation in detail. We would recommend you to read the policies that are given here, and continue to book the products or services from our platform.


Any booking/cancellation that has been done by Tripociti is subject to the cancellation charges as charged by the airlines. However, the charge might vary, depending upon the class or flight. There are some special cases as well in which due to specific guideline by the airline, no refunds are issued to the customers. And, such bookings are often termed as non-refundable booking. Apart from the cancellation charges charged by the airline, Tripociti also charge the service fee on a per passenger basis. You can do the cancellation both by online and offline mode, depending upon your personal comfort level. Although online cancellation can be done with the help of the booking ID through our website itself after registering your account with us, we do accept offline cancellation request through phone. In general cases, any cancellation done after 24-hours of the booking; be it of hotels, airlines, car rentals or holiday package, it is considered to be non-refundable.

However, it may or may not vary depending upon the situation. All cancellation should be done at least 48-hours prior to the departure. And, there are several airlines that do not even allow the users to cancel the flights within 48 hours of the departure, and consider it as “No Show.” In case, if you have already done the web check-in, it is the responsibility of the user to get in touch with the customer service team of the airline to discuss the issue in detail.

Cancellation Policy for Flight Booking:

When it comes to flight booking cancellation, it is necessary for you to be aware of the fact that the cancellation is only applicable up to 24-hour of the booking. Just in case, if the cancellation is done after 24-hour of the booking time, it will be considered as non-refundable. At Tripociti, cancellation of flight booking in consideration with the customer support team is encouraged as compared to any other mode. We, in association with the airlines, also give the user of “Zero Cancellation,” in which the user needs to pay extra charges on the booking amount in order to enjoy the option for zero cancellation.

24 hours within booking: Free cancellation
After 24 hours of the booking: No refunds

There are a lot of instances or cases in which cancellation fee is charged even if the booking has been canceled within 24-hours. It happens if the booking is non-refundable. And, in such cases, we cannot be held responsible for the same.

Cancellation Policy for Hotel Booking:

At Tripociti, we follow liberal policies for Hotel booking cancellation as well. Despite the fact that mostly the cancellation varies from one hotel to another, there are some general rules. In case, if you have cancelled the booking 7 Days prior to the arrival, you would enjoy a free cancellation. Yes, exception cases are there, but lesser in number. Also, if you have cancelled the booking after seven days of the booking, approximately 90% of the room rent will be deducted as the cancellation charge. At the time of booking, we would also recommend the user to book after checking twice if the booking ids refundable or non-refundable. In case of the non-refundable booking, you would get no refunds at the time of cancellation.

7 Days Prior to the arrival: Free Cancellation
After 7 days: 90% of the room rent

Group Hotel Booking Cancellation Policy:

In case, if there are group bookings, one needs to cancel the booking 60-days prior to the arrival in order to get the complete refunds and to enjoy free cancellation. If the cancellation is done after that, 90% of the room rent would be charged. So, be careful about the same.

60 days prior to the arrival: Free Cancellation
After 60 days: 90% of the room rent
Note: In case, if the booking is done on a non-refundable basis, there isn’t any way through which you can enjoy free cancellation.
Also, if the booking is done, and the guests do not arrive at the hotel at the respective date, the complete amount will be charged to the guests as the “No Show Charge.”

Cancellation Policy for Holiday Package Booking:

Just like any other bookings done through our website, the cancellation policies for holiday packages are equally liberal and easy to be followed. Despite having a few exceptions, if the cancellation is done within 24-hour of the booking, one doesn’t need to pay the cancellation charges. However, to be honest, if there is any sort of cancellation, the consequences would be there. If you don’t appear at the hotel on the expected date, you will be still charged the “no show costs.” Also, if the booking is done on a non-refundable basis, no amount will be refunded to you; no matter how early or late you cancel the booking.

More than 90 days prior to arrival: Free cancellation
90 days to 30 days prior to arrival: 90% of the total amount will be charged
After 30 days: No refunds

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